Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Guess I need to update

I will do a big one by the end of this weekend, I promise...I think.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2 Months old already? Where does time go?

I just can believe that my sweet little girl is 2 months old. She is such a good baby. She sleeps through the night and is generally happy. She loves both her mommy and her daddy (something Truman didn't do). She takes a bottle with no fuss. She accepts Tummy Time. I could just go on and on. I am sure that all this means that she will be a rotten teenage (haha).

We have had a busy month. I have meant to post on all of this, but like most days, time gets away and I get distracted.

Truman turned 2 on July 27th. He had a great party with Carter's side of the family...see last post, and then had a fun party with my side. Here are some pictures.

Ok, so there is one picture and it is from him opening our presents...so sue me, I didn't take pictures. I will try and get some from my mom. Oh no!

In July, the boys had the best time going out together to get the newspaper. Now that school has started back, they haven't done this too much. The are so cute when they go and do it, though. So, here is a picture.

Grissom had their annual football kickoff cookout at Ditto Landing at the beginning of August. The boys had the best time and Jane Wyatt stayed with her Gasi and Uncle Chuck. They gave her a bath and then she screamed at them. Poor Gasi. Here are a few pics from Ditto.

My great Uncle Don and great Aunt Ruth came to visit from Florida that same weekend. It was great to see them and I think they really enjoyed seeing the boys. We had a nice dinner at my parents' house.

The 13th was the boys first day of school for the year. Walker started Pre-K and Truman is in the 2 year old Mother's Morning Out. It has been a harder transition for them both this year. Walker is not used to as much structure that his teacher (the wonderful Ms. Melinda) gives. He is really starting to warm up, though. It was a rough start the first few days. It is amazing how much he seems to have matured over 2 short weeks. Truman really loved his Ms. Vanessa from last year...and Ms. Grace, too. He got moved up past his buddies from last year and so he doesn't know the kids in his class. He has cried everyday, but seems to get better. They say he is fine after a few minutes. Here is the boys on their first day of school this year.

We went to the park for my cousin Daniel's 12th birthday. The boys had a great time playing. Walker really took to Daniel's friend Taylor's razor scooter. Shhh....don't tell him he is getting one for his birthday.

And, on a final note, Jane Wyatt is 2 months old. She had her appointment today. Poor baby got 3 shots and has been sleeping most of the day. She doesn't seem to be uncomfortable or fussy like Truman was so that is good. I did her 2 month pictures the other day. Here they are.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Truman's Birthday Festivities Begin

I can't have a post without a pic of the sweet little girl. So here she is. She is one month old today...a post on that later.

We started Truman's 2nd birthday events a few weeks early since Carter's family would be out of town during the real thing. We went to Mema's house and had ribs and corn. It was so much fun.

Uncle Chris was in town for the big event. The boys had a great time playing with him and beating him up.

He had a great time blowing out the candles on his cake
Opening presents with Aunt Lala and Walker and Leeza

Thursday, July 9, 2009

We are almost a 3rd of our way through July

Boy, time is sure flying. Jane Wyatt is just over 2 weeks old. She had her first bath last night and loved it. She didn't make a peep the whole time. She just seemed to take it all in

The boys are doing good. They are a little more hyper than usual and I am glad, as are they, that their summer camp has started at school. They got into some trouble the other night when they were supposed to be asleep in their beds, they went into their sister's room and got into the baby lotion. Needless to say, their room smells good. Truman needed 2 shampoos to get all the lotion out of his hair. That picture is on the other computer I will have to post it later.

Here are a few more pics of the sweet baby girl.


Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I can't believe that I have put off posting to my blog We4Forgeys since February. I can now no longer call us the 4 Forgeys because we have a new member of the family. Jane Wyatt Forgey was born June 23rd. She is a sweet addition to the family and everyone is quite in love with her. I will be posting more soon, including pictures, but for now, Welcome or Welcome back. I have missed you.